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Rye Field shows the boxart for their upcoming Leo kit.

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Reflective colors on the front mud guards?!

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Germany should send a couple crates of those reflectors to Ukraine :ukraine: the Russian’s will be at risk of laughing themselves to death.

I’d use artistic license and leave the candy canes off. Don’t care if that’s “wrong”, they look stupid.

In spite of the reflectors, the box art is stunning!

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Yep, these are officially required here on public roads for very heavy and oversized vehicles like tanks, mobile cranes, specially loaded trucks and so on. It’s called “Warnmarkierung” and is one hell of a nightmare to remove if it comes in sticker form…

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Looks like some kind of plates (thin sheet metal?) loosely fastened to the mudflaps.

Peace time markings, used both on front and rear:

Good grief…are you guys serious…!!! Like the man said, they are used for “heavies” on public roads, and they most likely are bolt on, so easy enough to take off. If you don’t like them, for heaven’s sake just leave them off the build…YOWZA, the things people focus on, unbelievable…LOL…!!


I will leave them on, adds a small touch of colour to the display cabinet :+1: :smile:

Of course they would not be on when war breaks out. it’s a security measure, as long as they travel on public road in peacetime.

I would say it’s fun twisting the tigers tale on occasion…but wrong cat same idea…in this case…

Color on the model can be a nice eye catchers…fair point.

However if one can’t see the ~3 meter in height, ~3.75 meter wide & ~ 10 meter long ~68 ton Leo 2 on a public road…the candy canes aren’t going to help much (any), regardless of the rules.

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Well… The tank I was on in '78 had a Volkswagen stuck in the suspension when we turned left as they were trying to pass the column… Not like they could not see every tank ahead of us turning.

They are sort of camouflaged …
A bright sunny day is one thing but a dark rainy Thursday in November with some fog and mist from traffic adding to the fun that big hulking tank would blend into the background

Germany is over-regulated! :grinning:

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