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Border announced their latest release.

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Dear model producers please do something different, something that hasn’t been done to death in 1/35th, something left field, a Singaporean Bionix IFV, French AMX-10P, South Korean K21?


The Leopard 2A7V hasn’t been done by anyone before in 1/35 AFAIK. It has quite a few differences from the Leopard 2A7 that Rye Field recenly announced.

Nice work, Border.


What is the difference with the Meng L2A7?

Leopard 2A7V Tank Upgrades

The main improvements to the Leopard 2A7 tank already in service with the German Army since December 2014, are a new modular armor system for the upper front glacis plate of the hull and a more powerful Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) then the current APU used on the A7 model.

Key upgrades:

  • Hull mine protection
  • 20 kw Auxiliary Power Unit
  • Air-Conditioning Unit
  • Solar reducing Barracuda matting
  • Battlefield Management System
  • Third-generation Attica thermal imaging unit for both Commander’s Independant Sight and Gunners Sight
  • Spectus multi-spectral driver’s vision device
  • Fire Control System modifications to program DM 11 High Explosive 120mm round
  • Upper Glacis added modular Armor

All these modifications and additional equipment has resulted in modifications to the rear of the turret giving it a new distinct look compared to other Leopard 2 tanks. Also noticeable is the added armor to the upper glacis, similar to that of the Leopard 2A6 Ex, which Germany did not add to their Leopard 2A6s.

From this website:

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I think you spoke too soon before doing the research and making yourself look bad in return. As much as I’d like to see something different from the Cold War especially, this is a big news for Leopard 2 fans (I am one of them). The renderings look great from what I can see. Thank you, Border!!


Sorry guys, one word…B-O-R-I-N-G…I work in a LHS, and have seen them all, and oh how I wish for sumthin, ANYTHING, that is NOT another MBT…:frowning: How about an XM800…British Saracen…you know, different…
Dok(the Hermit)

I am confused, according to this site they are being fitted with Trophy APS:

I am a Leopard fan also (I have build at least five), my point is that so many variants have been done but it is still basically another Leopard while there are heaps of vehicles out there that no affordable kit has been made such as previously mentioned a Saracen or South African Ratel or Buffel (now we have a decent Unimog kit hint to AK ir ICM). Model companies make on kit and then add to it such a Tamiya with the Ukraine Leopard and make it look like something new, same kit different decals, I agree with unclepine B-O-R-I-N-G shoulder shrug and move on I suppose

Sounds like you should stick with all of the esoteric WWII “what if” machines.

In a world full of Tigers, Panthers, T-34’s, T-55’s etc., another leopard is VERY welcome. I see no reason to whine about this new, first ever variant in 1/35 scale. I am very pleased that we are finally seeing the modern battlefield in modeling and not the same basic WWII subjects over and over and over again.

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Heartily agree, it’s nice to finally have different options if you want a T-72, T-80, Abrams or Leopard .

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Can’t agree with you more. 100% rather see a new Leopard 2A7 then the same crap of Tigers, Panzers, and Panthers. Also, having been in the retail side with my 3D prints, people need to accept the fact that those modern “wish” list kits are unlikely going to appear if not never bc the reality is WW2 stuff sells. Modern stuff not nearly as well.

I know.

How many variations have we seen of Panthers, Tigers, Pzkpfw IV, or Sherman’s over the past few years?

Current events are what’s driving the industry. Leopards, Bradleys, Abrams, HIMARS, etc are all in the news cycles to one extent or another.

Just look back 30 years with Desert Storm. Just about every company was popping out desert sand T55, T62, T72, M1A1, Bradleys, etc.

Once interest waned, they went back to Tigers, Panthers, kampfwagen IV oh my.

OIF happens and it’s M1A2’s, hillbilly armor gun trucks, and MRAPs.

Then back to WW2, Korea, and Vietnam.

And now, here we are.

Personally, I bounce around from subject to subject, time period to time period so this new Leopard may find a place in my display case one day.

Well, at my age, I’m certainly NOT whining…that’s for little tikes…LOL…! I’ll hafta resign myself to that fact, there ain’t too many builders out there that like the “odd” stuff that I like, so the kit makers are NOT gonna make any…ho hum, guess I’ll go back to makin “what if” and M.ak stuff, which allow you to go crazy without worryin about the dreaded “accuracy syndrome”

I do like the new Polish MBT though…was it Academy…? You’d think I would know workin in a hobby shop…too much “snow on the roof” methinks…hahahaha…!

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Tamiya also does a kit of the Leo 2 A7 that is quite good.


I grew up in the 1960s, building kits since I was 6 in 1960 (mostly ships but occasionally armor as well.) At first, I could find only some of the ships associated with the hunt for the Bismarck and a few Revell and Aurora American ships. Then beginning in the 1970s, the Japanese consortium of four manufacturers released an extensive waterline series in 1/700 scale and the hobby hasn’t been the same. Today I have all of the ships I have dreamed about and am still building.

I also built tanks, beginning w9ith the old Airfix HO scale and working my way up the the Aurora kits. Today. there are far more kits of an extremely vast range.

Just consider all of what we have! And the ranges will keep getting bigger . . .


Please don’t forget that Zvesda has produced the T-62 among others. Ship m0odels now include several ships from WWI, including four Russian/Soviet battleships as several pre-Dreadnought ships. It is great being a builder in this era of modelling wealth!


No sir, Tamiya does not have have a Leopard 2A7 kit. Theirs is 2A6 from 20 years ago, and its quality has been surpassed by the newer and more detailed kits from Border and RFM a few years ago.

I have both kits.