Leopard 1a2 Italian version (more or less)

when I was young
the only way to replicate the Leopard of the Italian army was to cross the Tamiya model with the more detailed a4 of the Italeri.
for a long time lay a leopard 1 Tamiya in my demolition.
to start the project, again, it was the magical Zambelli who gave me the printouts of an Italeri without … hull and turret
“you surely find an extravagant version to make!”
he said to me with his usual melphous grin …
ok the “italian nostalgia” operation is triggered

rebuilding hull with Tamiya lower part and Italeri top

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final turret layout !
rear gage is a real nigtmare…

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You did some serious job there :+1:

Hi, I like your “Never give up” approach. Missing the vehicles under hull does not mean you give up. You just combine the old Tamiya kit with your own self-made parts. Looking great so far. Please keep us updated.

thank you for support!

The original Tamiya Leo does need help! You’re a bold and brave soul for taking on this project. And for doing it so well!

now a dilemma arises … I had left to make the good old Italian Leopard … this curious version halfway between the first and the last products … but in my mind it occurred to me that an old colleague of mine had me left some photos … and the Leopard was quite unique … it was not painted in the ever-present olive drab but it appeared in spots … made in his opinion with the colors of the doors and gates of the barracks … and the chariot was to act as an “enemy”

and I am I … could I escape?

Why not? If you have the photo reference to use, have fun and do that one off scheme!

fighting with air-brush!

Wow. I can’t imagine spending that much effort on the old Tamiya Kampfpanzer Leopard kit.

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I DO like that camo scheme! Not your average Leopard.

Leopard is finish.
comments are welcome

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Overall I really like it. But I think that if you’re going to have all that muck on the sides of the hull, you should get some into the road wheels also for consistency. Also the periscopes could use a little color as well.