Leopard 1A5 Hull Question

Hi All,
I am starting to build Revell’s 1A5 Leopard Model and I can’t seem to find any information on how the hull was constructed in real life (the model hull is constructed from 4 parts).
Google gives me information on the Turret being cast and then welded but I can’t see anything specific about the hull itself.
I’m trying to improve my skills at creating weld beads but would be create to know if the hull is meant to be 1 piece or made up of several in real life.
If anyone has any information it would be really appreciated.

Hello Paul,
welcome aboard.

The Leo hull is welded flat plates. If you search “Leopard 1 walk around” on your favorite search engine, you’ll quickly find more info than you might want. Here’s a bit of the front deck.

There are a few members here who are intimately familiar with the Leopard and can probably point you towards some excellent resources. If you can be more specific regarding the vehicle you want to model (nation, time frame, location, etc.) you might get good info on painting and markings as well.

Best of luck with your build.


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Thank you so much for the info.
I will keep the “walk around” idea in mind for future image searches, I was just getting wide shot images when using just “Leopard 1A5 Hull” as a term.

Here is a site for corrections and updates if you require them.
The gentleman that runs it, will give you any info you require, if you contact him.

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Here’s a picture of a Leopard 1 welding jig from “Kampfpanzer Leopard” by Raimund Knecht. Very common to get the best angle for the welds.

Here some close-up´s of a Leopard 1 A5 BE hull.

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Thanks guys!
Further question from looking at those walk around images from Hermann.
Most modelling welds are done with a |||||| type pattern (only way I can think of describing it), at least from any magazines and such that I have seen.
But the Leopard ones above look like they are either smooth (assuming they are ground smooth afterwards?) or a stack of pancakes type of weld.
I have already done the lower hull as a ||||| type pattern, but for the upper hull I am correct in sanding the epoxy putty into a smooth round line afterwards right?

Paul first, how do you want to reproduce the weld lines? I had an advanced welders training a few years ago, but it´s a llttle difficult to describe the types of welding in English. Here is a Wikipedia article on welding.

Hey Hermann,
I’m going to use 2 part epoxy and roll it into thin sausages.
Thanks for the link, I was thinking of “weld beads” as the thing that most modelling welds show.
But for the Leopard I think I will try smooth welds that are just slightly raised from the body.
I think this will be the best representation of the above walk around photos.


thank you for the datafile.
I haven’t look before the belgian version !