Leopard 1A5BE MEXAS

After a visit to the Gunfire museum in Brasschaat, Belgium, I was very impressed by the Leopard 1A5BE with MEXAS armor present there. This vehicle was a prototype for the use of this armor package by the Belgian Army. The Leopard is a beautiful tank anyway, but with this armor package even more impressive.
I have built this vehicle based on Takom’s Leopard C2 MEXAS in 1:35 scale. Because Canada actually implemented this armor package for their Leopards in Afghanistan (unlike our southern neighbors), there are several kits of the Canadian variant on the market. Luckily, the Belgian version is almost identical. The main difference is that on the 1A5BE MEXAS, the armor is only applied to the turret and the front of the hull. The sides have remained unchanged, unlike on the Canadian variant where they also received extra protection. The 3D printer had to be used to make new fenders, which saved me a donor kit.

For the basic 1A5BE conversion, I used the conversion set from Legend Productions. The model is painted with NATO green and brown from AK Real Colors and NATO black from MRP. I find the latter more convincing than the rather gray AK Real Color variant. Also, instead of painting the camo freehand, I tried using MiG Masking Putty instead. Certainly much easier, and with a pretty good result!


That looks great

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Very impressed built ! I like those faded colors of the camouflage.

Nicely done tracks ! A very long step as I guess they are “workable” type in the Takom kit.
I have a C2 mexas in the stash but I preferred the Meng kit with rubber band tracks !

One question, do you know the function of the crosses on the front of the tank ?

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Wow, wonderful build. Painting and weathering are superb.

Well done,

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They are ice cleats. They can replace the rubber pads on track links.


Thanks! They are indeed the tracks from the kit. Quite a bit of work to assemble, but they are nicely detailed

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I have the Meng Mexas mostly built. Still need to weather it! It went together very nicely and builds into a formidable beast


Beautiful tank! The camouflage is perfect and the weathering is subtle. Excellent!

Thank you very much!

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Superb result. The camouflage and weathering look very convincing. Great job indeed!