Leopard 2A5 NL

Recently, I was lucky enough to score a nice deal on a Tamiya Leopard 2A5 that included the Legend conversion set to build a Dutch Leopard 2A5 NL. I found a very nice picture of a Leopard 2A5 on exercise in winter conditions, covered in snow and parked against some trees. As I had never attempted a snow diorama before, this seemed like the perfect oppurtunity to try my luck. The build itself was fairly straightforward, but the quality of the conversion set was a big dissapointment. The parts lacked details and lacked the quality I wanted. This forced me to create my own parts using my 3D printer. The tank in the photo was covered in camouflage nets, so I decided to also try the AK-Interactive mimetic nets. The quality and material is great, but it’s difficult to make them look realistic. I feel they are too big for 1:35 scale.
The tricky part was the diorama. For this, I ordered some pine trees from GModel Miniatures. For the snow I used AK-Interactive terrain snow and snow microballoons. Very easy to use, and they give a convincing result. For a first attempt, I’m quite happy with how this turned out. It was certainly a learning experience!


That is a beautiful build . Since im not familiar with the differences can you explain the difference that the Dutch version has.

Thank you Chris. The Dutch version differs from the standard German Leopard in the smoke grenade launchers, fenders and different antenna mounts. The machine gun on the loaders hatch is the FN MAG on Dutch tanks, and the sideskirts are the older type, the same as on the Leopard 2A4. The stowage box on the turret roof is also a Dutch feature, although not an official one.

Thank you for clarifying . That helps to identify them .

You can be happy with the result Jasper. The dio looks great with a special mention for the pine trees. Of course the Leo is great too. :wink:


Very nice! The Leos with the pointy turrets are some of the best looking tanks IMHO. I imagine some poor troopie is going to have a big statement of charges (or whatever the NL Army calls it) to pay for those missing side skirts though!

Thank you very much gentlemen! Glad you like it