Leopard 2a6

Working on my Border models 2a6,Building it has gone well and my thoughts are turning to how im going to finish it .My idea is on making it based loosely on a battle worn tank.I am thinking a “WHAT IF” tank from the Ukraine war.Kind of if Nato were to get involved.NOW to my question,i would like to add stowage and lots of it on the turret.Does this sound reasonable.This would be something like my M1A2V2 Abrams i made a few months back.

Have just about completed the build on this kit,just odds and ends to finish.

for anyone wondering about the tracks i used here they are

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Nice work!

I have a set of the T Rex tracks but other than looking at them, I haven’t done anything with them yet. They’re for a future build.

Any tips you’d care to share on their assembly?

1st time using them myself.To make them easier to assemble i just widen the holes so the pins would go in.If i didnt they were tough to get in without breaking some.Other then that i would definitely buy more from them.

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my stowage will be made up of odd bits,Not worried about what it is since it will be hidden by tarps.This build will be more artistic design more then trying to be too accurate.

My crew from Valkyrie

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