Leopard 2A7V Kits

It looks like any embarrassment of riches for anyone wanting to build the subject tank! No less than 3 manufacturers are hopping on the 1/35 2A7V bandwagon; Border Model, Rye Field Model, and a soon to be released Tamiya 2A7V. Wow! The latest Tamiya Model Magazine devoted a good part of its pages to show details of the new Tamiya version, and the next issue will address the final piece/parts, like tracks. It makes one wonder which of the 3 (are there more coming?) will be the ‘best’. Rye Field is offering a separate aftermarket photo etch set for their 2A7V, and it sounds like Tamiya is going to be including a bunch of photo etch as part of their kit. I already have a Meng 2A7 (will they come out with a 2A7V also?), so I don’t really have a burning need for a 2A7V. But…I want one!

There is absolutely no doubt that the engineering and fit of the forthcoming Tamiya offering will be top notch, and my experience with Rye Field tells me that their kit will likely have good fitting parts. I have a few Border Model kits in my stash, but haven’t built one yet, so I don’t know what to really expect from their 2A7V. Might be a tough call which one to get. Maybe worth waiting for actual build reports on all before deciding.


I have opted for the RFM kit.
I found this helpful when trying to make up my mind.

Which is then built.

After pointing out some shortcomings he designs a 3D update for it.

Then we have painting etc.

I then watched the review of the RFM one.

Not seen much on the Tamiya one. It will no doubt go together well but probably have some simplified details.
So I concluded that the RFM was the best bang for the money and got it from Poland to the UK for £60 including tax and shipping.
The Border kit was about £6 more expensive but if I added the 3D upgrade which comes from elsewhere that would be another £30 or so.


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Just a heads up. Tamiya magazine 342 has a the first part of a two part build of the Tamiya 2A7V covering 12 pages.

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Good point, regarding the Tamiya kit being discussed. I actually have a subscription to the Tamiya Model Magazine, so I got to read their take on the Tamiya kit. They go into quite a bit of detail, even talking about enhancements a modeler can make to improve the kit. Of course, they don’t compare it to the RFM or Border kits. Many thanks to Catsrcool for the videos and why you decided on the RFM kit.