Leopard 2A8 from Amusing Hobby | Armorama™

Hmm... not sure what to think about this one.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/leopard-2a8-from-border
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It’s not from Border but shut up and take my money anyway.

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AH does better kits than Border/Takom/RFM so if this is a new lineup of LEO 2 im glad I did wait with the buy. We also need a new Marder 1 kit, since they are now a new workhorse of the Ostfront.


Ouch! Sorry for that one… My bad. I wanted to do a quick news report and had a brain fart in the process.

Thank you for letting me know of the mistake, will change it ASAP.



I really wonder why all those flags are there? Thus far the only country that ordered the version is Germany?

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This is clearly not an A8!
It is a single of its kind show tank. First shown at Eurosatory 2022, Paris.
Even the Trophy is not like serie.

But chassis and turret w/o Trophy and Kongsberg are perfect starters for a Danish LEOPARD 2A7 DNK.

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Amusing Hobby makes better kits than Border hands down any day.

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I wonder if the German Industry will find an empty spot for further add-ons?

I’ll wait for the Meng or RFM.

Yep, no question about it. Actually just wanted to point out a little mistake (but not blame anybody of course).

Hungary did also. At least in a very similar configuration from which the A8 is derivated from.

At least Meng or RFM or whoever can take the chance to make real A8.
Amusing Hobby build up a demo vehicle named it misleadingly wrong.

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Even if this version is not correct, I bet they will bring out the older versions, which is what most people are interested in.