Leopard options

Which Leopard 2 is a good 1:35 option to build?

Or how do you rank the available kits?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve been poking away at the Meng Leopard 2A7. I think its a good kit and its enjoyable to build. Can’t speak to the accuracy but I’m not that concerned about it.


Any particular version in mind? Just a plain Leopard 2? Italeri, Revell, Meng and Hobbyboss are your choices. Meng (I almost forgot about theirs) is the best.

Steer clear of the old ESCI kit, if your find one, unless you like a true challenge. I built one recently, and let’s just say that the kit needs help.

Tamiya does a Leopard 2A6 or A7, besides what is previously mentioned a above.

All things leopard, reviews and corrected parts


A more modern one like a 5 or 6. Or is there a newest version model?
Would prefer a good quality kit, doesn’t have to be ‘rivet counter’ accurate.
I am use to Tamiya and don’t have a lot of experience with Hobby Boss, Meng, Takom, RFM.

Although not yet started building but the Border Model 2A5/6 looks amazing as I checked the sprues in the box. It was an instant get when opened in the modelshop. I would vote that kit in the A5 and A6 series.

You won’t be disappointed with either one