Leslie, Warrior Chef Bookaphile

My first digitally-sculpted 3D-printed figure, in honor of my wife.

Still a work a work in progress, needs the base painted and some tweaking of detail, plus the toning down of the shine of some areas. Her facial detail is finer than my uncorrected eyesight and the brushes I started with. The cleaver represents her warning to anyone who invades her kitchen and sticks their nose into her recipes or tries for an unauthorized taste test, “Best leave or you’ll be pulling back a nub!”


Haha, funny and a cool figure!

She has been very fun to paint. And frustrating. It’s reinforcing that I’m nowhere near as good of a figure painters I thought I was, and that with my eyesight being what it is, I’m going to have to get new glasses or keep wearing my optivisor. I’ve also been painting with acrylics, and while I like the acrylics, I think there are some scales and some subjects that I’m going to have to resume using oils. Winsor Newton makes a range of water soluble oil paints. I’ve used them for years. They work very very well and get very good effects in my opinion. I don’t have the time anymore to wait for regular oils to dry so I need something that’ll drive fairly quick. Don’t get me wrong, these oil water soluble oils do not dry as fast as a regular acrylic but they do dry faster than regular oil paint.

All that said, I was disappointed with the way the face came out so after I posted these pictures last night, I remove the paint and repaint it the face. I’m not sure it’s done any better but I have the eyes looking a little bit better.

I hear you. I can’t paint figures yet. I’m working on a couple female figures in 1/35 right now and can’t get the face tones to look good.

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I’ve realized that I can’t, either! :grimacing:

Repainted LWCB. Thought she looked great until I looked at these pix. Some touch-up needed. The real LWCB likes it, but I think I can fix some problems. One thing will be a different color for the base.


The figure paint is not bad at all. Especially that considering the scale 30mm.

Looks great. :slight_smile:

Looks great!
At first I though the mushrooms were severed fingers from unfortunate taste testers… :laughing:



I’ve come close to loosing a hand a couple of times.

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