Let's go! - Tamiya Ninja H2 Carbon

Morning all! Time to start a new build. I’ve got to get this H2 Carbon done in time for June 18th, so let’s move!

First update, the engine -

I’m going to do this bike with a more subdued colour scheme, and I think it’s going to be neat watching it come together. It’s a gift, so I’ll be taking lots of photos for myself that I’ll share here. Thanks for stopping by!



Well, apologies for the big update. With only 7 days left, school has reached levels of insanity previously though unattainable. Bad for me, and my deadline! However, I have been able to get some work done on the bike. After detailing the engine, the kit has you build the frame, then the chain and rear wheel. At this point, I have also begun to paint the body panels. Note the subdued paint scheme - I chose paints which I thought might make the model better suited for being placed around the house, not too glaring.

The chrome on this kit was amazing! I’ll need to polish off the fingerprints, but that’s easy.

More later!


Looking great! Your making me want to tackle a motorcycle one day…

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Yeah so I suck completely at doing updates, because I’m done!

But before I get too far ahead of myself, here are some more in progress shots.

And here is the finished bike.

Overall, this kit served me well. I quite liked the typical Tamiya attention to engineering and fitment, and the chrome parts were a nice surprise as well! Hopefully it makes for a nice gift.


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