Lever style chain binders

Morning all, was just wondering if anyone makes the older lever style chain binders in 1/35th? We didn’t have the ratchet type, just the lever ones with the big cheater pipe to get them tight. Would be nice for the Hobby Link trailer and D7 combo I’m hoping to build. Anyway thanks, Wayne

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MR Models from Germany make some in white metal


but you can also find 3D-printed ones on Shapeways



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These are the ratchet type, not the older lever type. Wayne

Sorry Wayne. Is this the one you’re looking for ?


Yes, that’s it. Was just going to post almost the same picture! Thanks. We always carried a length of pipe for extra leverage when locking them down. Wayne

@Matt (Down Range Productions) makes them in 1/24th scale…Maybe he could released them in 1/35th scale as well…




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I hope so! Thats the kind we used in Germany.

Looks like a fun scratch project - surely you can borrow a real one to measure & divide by 35 .
If you need many make a master & cast the rest .

Unfortunately Shapeways won’t print them in 1/35. ( theyre too thin, per thier guidelines)

They’re my next project for my resin printer, to see if I can print them… I have a couple prints ahead of them.

UPDATE I’ll run the test print tomorrow (21FEB2023)

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In my world these were always called “boomers” and the pipe for extra leverage during tightening is a “snipe”.

They’ve been banned by many companies for years because they can be dangerous for those that are inexperienced with using them. Many a broken arm, kneecap, or worse because people don’t understand the kinetic energy they hold. I still like them because they are so much quicker then ratchet type chain binders and always respect them!

Since they were usually in open or locked down position that might help with casting them. Possibly most in lockdown position, with a few in open position for laying on the load deck. Wayne


The test of lockdown shows I can print them

Ill rework the model and try some open ones.


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They look the part. You have a talent. Wayne

Wiseman Model Services of Paris, Kentucky offers these items in white metal. They cater to Model Railroaders but these items worked well for my flatbed military trailer in 1/35th.

All parts shown available separately.

This is white metal spin casing at its’ best! Casing quality is outstanding - all products made in Kentucky, Shipped world-wide. (Just a friend - I am not $$$ associated with this company in any way.)


OOOH Shapeways did do the closed ones successfully. I forgot someone asked me to try them again.

Closed Lever Chain Binders @ Shapeways

I’m still working on the open ones. first print try failed… need to figure out the best way to support them to prevent it from happening again.

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Second test of the ‘open’ ones was a success… but they won’t pass Shapeways min. Thickness.

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Thicken them up a bit, they should still look good.

Do you have a clearer picture of these? And if I want to get them and the closed ones do I have to go thru Shapeways or can I deal with you directly? Wayne

Shoot me a PM with how many of each (multiples of 10 is how I have them setup)

Shapeways won’t print the open type (they’re just too thin) so I can do however many you want.