Lewis Army Museum

On our way back to Seattle, a quick stop at the Lewis Army Museum. Don’t follow google maps, could happen, you’re standing at a gate. Was a beautiful thing, especially the M93.


That’s great! I went there last year and it was fun seeing all the WWII and Cold War armor!

I went to the Flying Heritage and Armor Collection museum in Everett today, 40 minute car ride North of Seattle, and it was really fun! I would highly recommend going! They cut a M48 in half that you can walk between and see the inside/ how thick that armor was. My favorite tank on display was the panzer IV

Indeed good stuff there. Tactical Tailor in Tacoma also has a Scorpion parked out front, just west of I-5.

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These are on my list of places to visit. I went to the Auburn Veterans Memorial Park last weekend because I thought they had a M42 Duster but they didn’t. Was going to head down to FT Lewis museum but they were closed.

I know there is a park somewhere in the greater Seattle area that has am M42 Duster.

Good to know that the Heritage Museum is open now.