Leyland Retriever with 5t Wehrmacht trailer

Dear all, having the ICM Leyland Retriever on my desk I was wondering if it would be possible to add the Das Werk 5 tons Trailer to it as being a re used piece of equipment?
I don’t know if this was also happening on supply level.

any one an answer?
I tried the web, pictures of the Leyland Retriever are, however, rare!


The short answer is- no and yes :grinning:

No, because the Ret was designed to carry, not haul loads.
It’s frame wasn’t robust enough for such load.

Yes, because “necessity is master of invention”-
not exactly 5 t. Einheitsanhaenger, but a Werkstatt built on 5 t. Einheitsanhaenger chassy, towed by Leyland Retriever:

Pictures from a past e-bay auction, kindly provided by Mr. Ilian Filipov

Assume the loaded weight of this Werkstattanhaenger is less than 5 t. and you have a nice conversion/scratchbuild ahead :wink:


What an excellent reason to buy one more Retriever and one more 5 t Anhänger :grin:
Now I need to start praying for a Thornycroft Tartar …

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What a good answer! Thanks a lot.

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