LF 1/32 Revell Huey Parts

Specifically the interior seats to the assault helicopter (H-286) and also the large cabin doors with windows.
Hey, it’s possible someone built a variant without those. :slight_smile:
I’d also be interested in the parts if they’re from a junked or painted kit.

Do you need parts 2 and 10 (with glass)? If so I can check around I may have something.

Thanks. I’m looking for parts 36-39, sliding doors and windows. And the seats, which would save me having to scratch them.

Okay Rob I got you, I talked to a modeling friend from our Golf team who was unhappy with a UH-1 he built saying he used the wrong green (He did) And he gave me the parts to give to you.

They do have paint but you can pop out the windows are they were only glued in with gator glue and strip the paint pretty easy.

Would this help?

Wow, that was fast. It would indeed. I’ll PM you.

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