LF 1/35 USMC M1A1 Parts

I am looking for the Meng 1/35 USMC M1A1 Parts Tree “M” from kit TS-032. It is the USMC specific parts.

If you built yours as the Army version, the “M” parts are unused. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone is willing to part with those specific parts. Thanks for any help you can provide.

This is the parts tree I am looking for.

The USMC parts are also in the Tamiya 1/35 M1A2 Operation Iraqi Freedom kit 269. If you built yours as the Army version, these parts are unused. They are on parts tree “D”. I am looking for all the USMC specific smoke grenade and MCD “D” parts. They are shown below.

The photos show up as a “429 error”

Thanks for letting me know. They are showing up fine for me. I am using Imgur and posted using the direct link. I just redid them using the image link and hoping they show up for everyone now. If this doesn’t work, which link/code from Imgur should I use?

I see three images.

Great, thanks! Yes, three images. One image of a parts tree and two images of instructions.

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Hi Ron, thanks for the reply. I just sent you an email to your aol account.

I was going to suggest some 3D prints but glad that someone is helping you with the spare parts. You just gave me an idea to CAD the MCD for a USMC M1A1. It doesn’t look hard. I already have the smoke grenade discharger design so MCD would supplement it.

Good luck to your Abrams build!


Hi James, yes, Ron was very helpful with the smoke discharger and MCD parts.

I have a few old Dragon M1A1 kits that need a lot of help.

Parts found. Thank you very much RonH!