LF Academy M113 interiors

Does anyone have left over Academy M113 interior sprues (sprues C and E) from any of their M113 kits? Preferably complete sprues. I need one separate floor piece and a complete driver’s seat with post as well. If you have them to spare, I will take them.

I can pay for them, or have lots to trade, below and lots (I mean lots) of spares for modern kits (armor and helos).

Hello Gino…this is Eric from Spring Hill…you sold me the AFV M113 at Modelpalozza last year.
I have the interior sprues you are looking for…a couple have been cut from the sprue and attached to the inside…figure a little glue should soften them up so you can remove them.

If you want them they are yours…I will be down your way the 1st week of January and can bring them to you or I can drop them in the mail…just let me know.

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Thanks Eric. I already got what I needed. Merry Christmas.

Your welcome, and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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