LF Dragon Tiger I 6950

Hi Guys,
I was wondering if anyone had this kit either spare or maybe not wanting to build anymore??
I have a stash of WW2 Armour & Post War Armour to trade, would prefer to trade, but will also buy if the price is right, but as I live in Aussie I was hoping to trade & each pays to freight to each other??
Thanks for looking

Are you going to be allowed out to your mailbox to pick up the package?

Lol yes we are allowed out to mail box & within 5km’s for shopping etc

Those of us in Queensland, Australia can travel the whole state all 1.9m km2 of it without issues, but down south, they are chained to their kennel… Hopefully not for much longer.

Sorry Mike, I don’t have the kit.

Lol ohh I know Pete, I know someone up there doing that & very happy to be to!!! :rofl::rofl:

Not to sure Dictator Dan down here will being doing SFA to lift the lockdowns, he loves the power trip!!

All good re not having the kit, I will just keep sitting here & hoping lol

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Was looking at eBay and the cheapest is out of China for $99 U.S.

I can think of better kits to spend that much on.

Lol yeah that’s why I am hoping to trade someone for one lol

Mike, I know it’s not the one you’re after, but if you can’t find it and still want a Tiger, I have this one I would trade.

Like I said, that it’s just an option for you mate ok. It is all still sealed etc.

Hi Johnny,

As you said it is different from what I need, but could be useful for another diorama idea I have so PM me what sort of stuff you were looking for to trade & I can go through the stash.

PM sent Mike

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