LF HobbyBoss kit #, LAV-150w/Cockerill 90mm gun

For a sort of what-if, I’m looking for the above kit, but I really need just the turret. Will buy or trade, any help appreciated.
Or… if anyone has any idea on where to find plans or just good pics of the turret, which I understand is the Cadillac/Gage turret fitted to several AFVs.

Why dont you try to get only the sprues with the turret?

You might find them on AliExpress, although I have been trying to source a couple of sprues from the HB Pershing kit without any luck…

Never heard of AliExpress…


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Holy smokes!

Be warry of the shipping costs! If possible search for free shipping

Yeah… so far it’s less $ to order it from the US even though the kit prices are higher.

Let me check the stash over the weekend. I had the kit for about 15 years and never moved forward with the project. I had either a book or printed photos of the interior.

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Super, thanks.

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I looked through the stash and for the life I cannot find the kit now. I cannot find a few other kits so they might all be together in a box somewhere that eludes me. It will be next weekend at the earliest I can look again but right now I am not hopeful. I will let you know if that changes.

Thanks for looking. If you do happen to find it, give a shout. I won’t be buying one anywhere for a week or so anyway.

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