LF Leftover kit wheels from M1000 trailer

If you bought resin replacements for them, now’s a chance to recoup some of your cost. I need all ten pairs for a project.

Hi Rob,
Let me know if you don’t get much luck on this. The tires look doable for custom CAD and 3D printing. I have some similar designs - their treads and shapes can be modified a bit to resemble these:

Designs I have:

Kind regards,

Hi James. I appreciate the offer!
I like the design of the old school civilian pattern in the first photo.
The standard five or six hole military wheel like this would be perfect:

As it stands right now I’d need twelve inners and twelve outers.

I’ll be happy to pay you what you think this is worth. It’ll be much more accurate than using modern tank hauler wheels!

Of course I’ll need to give you the OD of the tire as well. Most likely Firestone if you have any way to replicate the branding.

Hey Rob,
I’ll PM you also to discuss more details. The chains can be deleted in CAD software.
For the wheel rim, I think the below can be revised to resemble what you have above:

Kind regards,

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