LF M151 seats

Anybody have a pair of M151 seat they are not going to use? Thanks.

Pretty sure I do, let me check when I get home


Funny you should ask. Just got a Legend set in the mail today for my MUTT. So, I have a pair Iā€™m not going to use. Do you need the seats and support frames, or just the seats?

Seats and frames. Seems these were an add on to the Vietnam 163 used by the particular unit that is an option with the Academy kit. Let me know what you want for them and I will send you my address via PM. Thanks.

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No charge, just PM me your address.

PM inbound.

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i have some, if you need them send me a pm and ill ship them out to you , just the 2 seats?

Thanks but someone already sent them to me.

I went digging and found all my reference material, my 3 mutt kits and 2 Oreo conversions so if you need anything drop me a line, best of luck!

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