LF: M1A1 Abrams USMC smoke dischargers

Does anyone know if such items are commercially available?
And if so, where would I find them?

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Search for ET Model P35-212 unless I am mistaken.


If you can get the corresponding spare parts from Meng, Rye Field, or Tamiya kits that have those USMC parts, that could work.

I have CADded ant 3D printed them before. I have the CAD file just sitting in my computer. Do you have a 3D resin printer or an access to one?

Or you could try to scratch-build one based on reference photos and kit part measurements. I can give you the dimensions if you want.


I have neither, unfortunately.
But saw that Trumpeter has something similar in their Abrams 5-in-1-box.

O OK, I don’t know how good Trumpeter parts are but they can work.

They’ll suffice.

Thanks for the help, everyone!

Thanks for the offer, but I fear shipping would be rather costly?

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