LF M4A1 idler wheels

Got a pair of idler wheels for a Sherman M4A1 you don’t have use for? Maybe upgraded and have the old ones lying around?
I have an old side project (Italeri kit) I was going to try to finish but the idler wheels have gone MIA over the last 10-12 years. Lmk, thanks

Hi Edmonds, do you mean the open spoke? send me your shipping address and I will provide you with a couple. jlreyes18 at gmail dot com

Jose, that will work, thanks a bunch!
Email coming

Hi Edmonds, did you sent me the email? I don’t get it

Are you taking offers from outside CONUS?

Yes the next day, but I sent you a PM yesterday too. Thanks for following up!

No, I’ve got some coming now, thank you though!

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