LF Mirror Models Air Compressor (Separate item)

Looking for to Purchase: Mirror Models Air Compressor (Separate item) - Same as that offered with their Diamond T wrecker. (No longer in production.)

Sample Photo:

(I added the screen wire shield to the one in the photo)

I just need one more and Libor says he is all out!

Check scalemates for options.

Tamiya No. 37023, German Field Maintenance Team & Equipment Set, a repop of the Italeri/Testors workshop from the '80’s.

Plus Model, Royal model & Verlinden do individual compressors.

I realize there are other air compressor models out there but in my mind nothing matches the small size and high quality of the Mirror kit.

Libor really should make a deal to reissue this one under the Thunder brand name.

Michael, why not get it 3D printed?