LF Panzer concepts 280mm s.k. l/40 "kurtz" bruno ww2

All have just joined today, Hello to all.
I was wondering if anyone has/knows of a panzer concept 280mm s.k. l/40 “Kurtz” bruno ww2 for sale. Panzer Concepts longer make/sells them.
Have scoured the web but to good. thanks stay safe Ralf

Hi, I just listed mine on eBay if you’re interested. It’s the WW1 version, however, if you’re building a ‚kurz‘ there shouldn’t be any significant differences. Price can be discussed. RARE 280mm S.K. L/40 "Kurtz" Bruno WW2 Panzer Concepts 35510 1:35 plus extras | eBay

It says may not ship to US? Thanks for responding

I would like to discuss the price, $ 375.00 plus shipping

I will not be offended if you decline I am quite sure you sell it.thanks stay safe Ralph

Hi Ralph, please send me a message via eBay to discuss shipping options. Best wishes

David, I am looking on ebay in German. I can not read German.

I am going to try something. Ralph

Try this link instead, maybe it works the same for you as it did for me

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