LF partial kits/kit pieces (M872A1, M923, M925, M54A2)

I am looking to trade or buy some partial kits for some future scratch/conversion projects.

I am looking for the M872A1 trailer out of Trumpeter’s M915 kit (01015), just the trailer, but a complete trailer. If you built (or plan to build) your M915 as a guntruck, I’ll take the trailer off your hands.

Also, I am looking for a couple complete 5-ton frames and rear running gear from one of the Italeri or I Love Kit M923 or M925 kits, or the AFV Club M54A2 kit.

If you have these or partial kits of the same, I am interested.

I can buy them or have lots to trade.

Thanks in advance.

^^Bump up^^

I have some started kits including an Italeri M923 series truck and an AFV Club M54A2 gun truck that I will not be finishing if those are any help.

PM sent.

PM sent in reply, at least I think so. LMK if you didn’t get it.

Does anyone have a spare exhaust pipe from the AFV Club M35A1 “Nancy” kit? I need the one that goes down the right side of the frame and exits between the rear wheels, not the stack up through the fender.

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