LF Reference on Trumpeter MAZ-7410 vs. Scud-B TEL:

LF Reference on Trumpeter MAZ-7410 vs. Scud-B TEL:

I have literally been looking for some “under the sheet metal” mechanical reference on the MAZ-7410 Semi-Tractor, FOR YEARS! Specifically the equipment area located directly behind the engine and split cab.

For whatever reason, Trumpeter chose to fully detail this area on their Scud-B TEL kit but then leave it devoid of detail on the 7410 tractor kit.

Here is the area in question as seen on the Scud-B kit:

Now the easy answer might be just to try and order this parts sprue from Trumpeter. (Assuming that is even possible) Indeed that would get me at least part way to my goal.

But herein lies the problem:
The various sloped fuel or oil tanks of the Scud are made for a vehicle carrying a missile down the center. However I suspect the equipment layout is somewhat different on the 7410. I suspect these two large fuel or oil tanks have been moved to the centerline of the vehicle and may even be much larger rectangular tanks.

I suspect this, given the differing layout of filler hatches on the 7410 vehicle top sheet metal. Also please note; the overall length of this equipment area is shorter by at least a third than on the Scud TEL.

There is also a filler cap immediately above the oil radiator on ALL the various versions of the MAZ.

p.s. On the Trumpeter version of the “Flap-Lid” Radar Unit (which uses the same 8x8 chassis) this entire equipment area is filled with 2 electrical generators and communication equipment, so clearly the mechanical arrangement of components here is not set in stone on this series vehicles.

Here is where I am at this point, having fabricated an oil radiator and fan. Plus lifting the air cleaner molding off of an old Dragon Scud “for Parts” kit.

Never been sure just what that horizontal round tank is with pipe going into the air filter but for now I am suspect that it is an ether canister for helping with cold morning starts.

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Anyone have these parts from the Trumpeter Scud-B kit that you might want to part with? (Impossible to see if you are building the Scud with this area all buttoned up???)

Also looking for the big rectangular fuel tanks from the old Trumpeter MAZ-537 8x8 tractor.

Just say’n . . . .

ALSO . . . .

Can anybody hook me up with a pdf copy of the 4710 Manual?

One thing to note, is that the area behind the cab is shorter than the corresponding area on the scud, the scud put fuel tanks there because of the control cabin, on the 7410 the fuel tanks are in between the road wheels, although the APU is still mounted presumably with associated fuel tank.

I guess you should find one here (but access to Russian websites is blocked on my PC at work, so I can’t check this out right now…).



Why would the 4710 need an APU?

I agree there is little need for auxillery fuel tanks given those huge saddlebag fuel tanks between the wheels.

Just trying to find out what, if anything is inside there.

The equipment along the driver’s side is fairly standard: hydralicly driven fan blowing thru the oil radiator and the NBC air filtration system for the crew cabin. The rest is a mystery.

Frenchy I had hopes you would come thru on this one. Unfortunately i can only view some of the small thumbnails on that site. The document itself refures to download. Says something about copyright infringement

I just realized. None of the Trumpeter models show any hint of where the vehicle batteries might be located.

I’ll have a look when I’m back home :wink:


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Unfortunately, all the download links on the page are dead…


Thanks for trying.
(In my case they wanted me to first accept a “download.exe” I said no thanks.

Here is my rough idea of what is in there. The Russians are famous for wanting large amounts of engine oil to act as a heat sink to keep that V-12 running cool. These tanks may be either oil or gas or one of each. ???