LF Round Sherman Air Cleaners in 1/35

Prefer Formations resin, but could make do with plastic. Trouble is I don’t know my Sherman kits well enough to know which one(s) might have the round cleaners.

Rob let me check my stash when I get home this afternoon. I have about 10-12 Sherman models but like you can’t remember which ones have the circular air cleaners.

I have some round ones left over from my Dragon Firefly if you want.

I appreciate what either of you might find.

Colin - the Scalemates site shows the Firefly instructions, but they mysteriously do not show filters of any kind. Surely these tanks had them. Did Dragon totally drop the ball on these instructions.

The vehicle I’m doing has air filters like these, but it also used three different styles during its service. Anything close will do:

Sorry Robert, I checked my Sherman stash and don’t have any spares hanging around. This might seem like a stupid question, but did the M4A2s and A3s have them ? Don’t see them on either model.

This should help…



Was it the Vc or Ic instructions you were checking, the Ic has them:

They’re yours if you need them!


Parfait! PM inbound.

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