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Randy L Harvey reviews the book, Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps, from Pen & Sword Books by author Ian Baxter.

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Not a pleasant topic, but one worthy of more attention. I could see a massively-impactful diorama possible from such a scene. Worth reading in its own right, but also fertile ground for modelers, too.


My father spent time at one of the camps at the end of the war helping to relocate people. I didn’t find out about it until '95 when he commented upon it at the end of my brothers life. It definitely changes someones outlook on humanities capacity for inhumanity. The deniers are the ones that really get to me. We had a number of clients in my fathers practice w/tattoos.


Because history tends to repeat itself, uncomfortable topics need to be brought up as a reminder of what not to do.


I totally agree Bill.

They amaze me too Tim. I don’t understand how they can think that it never happened.

I agree 100% Greg. History can easily be forgotten and as a society we need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Thank you for the comments guys.


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Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

That’s why books like this are important.

I couldn’t agree more Fred. Even though events like this are horrible, we need to make sure that future generations are aware of what happened and hope that they understand that it could happen again.

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Our collective history is one of triumphs and failures. The triumphs are documented in song and statue. Our failures, at times, can be so horrific, so beyond our ability to absorb, to comprehend, that far too often we simply can’t, or won’t. This seems to be one of those books that many will simply ignore because it is so unbelievably gut wrenching. But it is also a book, as many of you have already stated, that needs to be published, and read. If only to shove in the denier’s faces.

A cousin of mine was a Captain in the US army; he was involved in the liberation of one of the camps. I can’t recall which at the moment. Growing up I had friends whose parents wore their “tatoos” for all to see. I have family who were killed in the camps, and I have family who survived, some even fought as partisans in the forests of Eastern Europe. Many shared their remarkable stories. It happened. It is not possible, for any sane person to deny it.

History MUST be taught, and LEARNED. There are currently too many “signs” that, indeed, we are forgetting the lessons of the past. Keep the history books coming!


Another lesson to be remembered was that of the “comfort women”


It looks like NO lessons have been learned - and the holocaust is being used as a “shield” by one particular nation to commit war crimes and “plausible genocide” against a particular “concentration camp” - for what else can it be surrounded by wire and gun-towers ( ?! ) GENOCIDE continues at this very moment - by ruthless hypocrites !

min il-ṃayye la-l-ṃayye

If thou throws rocks at thy neighbour
thou shalt not be surprised when sh!t happens.

So many wars, so many failures, so little result
and so frighteningly few lessons learned.

Yes, wars are always horrible for civilians.
I suspect that this particular round of Palestinian
Terminal Stupidity has been incited by Vladolf Putler
to draw our attention away from the genocide that
Russia is attempting in Ukraine.
Treating the Palestinians as “useful fools” to be used
as tools for Russias geopolitical goals.