Liberty ship help

Well I have a little project on hand that involves a Liberty ship on an Arctic convey namely JW54A now to that end does any one know a good source of information on each ship as I have found only two not very clear photos of one Liberty ship in that convoy. I’m using the Trumpeter 1/700 kit as a base but would like to get any detail differences correct for the SS Thomas Sim Lee.

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This may (or may not) help you: CRM makes a very good PE set for this kit:

If I may show you a couple if images of my built-up model illustrating the finess of this PE:

There’s even some 1/700 Shermans (from l’Arsenal) on deck. The four large boxes each hold three fighter aircraft (disassembled).
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Here’s a nice view of another Liberty ship from this convoy, the SS Edmund Fanning (picture taken in June 1943)

I guess you already know this view of the SS Thomas Sim Lee



@Biggles50 Thanks Leo, very nice builds by the way. I’ve already ordered the L’Arsenal PE set so that should cover that side of it, may have to look into deck cargo though.

@Frenchy Merci, I knew if anyone could then you could find photos, no I’d not seen that photo of the SS Thomas Sim Lee, the one I have seems to show the ship with only two 20mm mounts on the superstructure but the stem and stern aren’t in the photo which is why I needed better reference. However the SS Edmund Fanning photo is perfect.

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You’re welcome Luciano. I guess the SS Thomas Sim Lee picture was taken on the day she was launched, and maybe some weapons were to be fitted later…