LifeColor Engines Perfect Metal Set 3 | Armorama™

Six high quality acrylic paints from LifeColor for painting metallic finishes onto engines and other metallic surfaces.

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Fifty years of loving cars and forty plus years tinkering with cars - I laughed so hard at the color names in this product, I had tears in my eyes.

Aged Copper - WTF? Is that supposed to be their color for the Magnesium colored parts?

Perfect color names for SteamPunk & Clockwork models for sure. When was the last time a car or truck had an IRON frame work? 1894 or 1910?

I hope the colors are useful because the names are terrible.

  • UA 7001 Weathered Steel
  • UA 7002 Framework Iron
  • UA 7003 Cast Iron
  • UA 7004 Piston Engine Block
  • UA 7005 Burned Pipes
  • UA 7006 Aged Copper

Given how the majority of passenger vehicle engine blocks/cylinder cases and practically all cylinders heads have been aluminum for the last twenty plus years it’s amazing they have 3 IRON & STEEL colors and nothing listed for Aluminum. Even less steel and iron in the high performance engines.

Even in primative American Hot Rodding we use aluminum blocks & cylinder heads now days :slight_smile: We paint the cast iron blocks usually too vs leaving the iron exposed when dealing with cast iron cylinder blocks/Piston cases.

Let’s see…if we can make up some better more interesting names…I like Life Color they are A++ all in all :slight_smile:

  • UA 7001 Weathered Steel - Monocoque Chassis & Suspension

  • UA 7002 Framework Iron - Bare Unibody

  • UA 7003 Cast Iron - Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold

  • UA 7004 Piston Engine Block - Piston Case/Engine Block

  • UA 7005 Burned Pipes - Discolored Exhaust

  • UA 7006 Aged Copper - Anodized Magnesium