LifeColor Feldgrau 1939/45 German Uniforms Paint Set | Armorama™

New set of LifeColor paints with several shades of Feldgrau

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I’m sure many modellers here will welcome this set. However I have to ask the validity of offering “authentic” shades of field grey, when the box itself shows 16-17 different shades. Nor are the paints labelled “Feldgendarmerie” specific to that branch. Feldgendarmes wore standard uniforms with their own specific badges and orange piping. To suggest otherwise is misleading. Presumably they have been prepared from close inspection of these specific artifacts. Personally I always mix batches of “field grey” myself using blue, yellow, black, white and the smallest amount of red. The indeterminate colour this produces is perfectly acceptable as “field grey” IMHO. The fact that you can never mix it exactly the same in subsequent batches perfectly reproduces the range of shades found even within small units.

I suspect the descriptions they have given each colour/shade is from the origin of the item of clothing it was copied from/matched to rather than limiting it to that particular item of clothing BUT they should make this clear if this is the case as otherwise, like you say, it can be misleading to describe the colours as such.

I may be lazy and get one of these sets to speed up my individual garment paint mixing speed.