Lightning Bay AMPS - New Model Club

To anyone in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, we are starting a new AMPS chapter here. It is called Lightning Bay AMPS. We are just getting started, but you can check it out and follow along at our Facebook page.

Our first meeting will be in October.


Best of luck. :+1:


Too bad I am way up in Spring Hill, otherwise I would join you.

Good luck. Hope to see you guys at 2023 Nationals.

Thanks guys. We’ll see about Nats. We will probably have a table/presence at Modelpalooza in Orlando next month though.

Floridabucco, if you get down our way, you are more than welcome.

Thanks, I will visit you at Modelpalooza, I am planning on going the Saturday of the show.

We now have an Instagram too.

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Next meeting is 14 DEC at the Brandon Hobby Town, 6:30 - 8:30 PM.

Due to Dec being crazy busy, we will not be holding a meeting.

We will have our next one the 2nd Wed in Jan, Jan 11.