Linking serial numbers to RAF squadron markings

Is anyone aware of a source to determine how Squadron markings were assigned to particular aircraft?

My understanding is that each squadron has its own assigned code to which each plane active in the squadron at that time is assigned plus an additional letter - A, B etc.

For example I know 247 Squadron’ code was ZY between 1941 and 1949. So planes would be marked ZY-A, ZY-B and so on. As the squadron upgraded to new modern aircraft the squadron code would move to the newer aircraft. So for Squadron 247 in 1943 ZY-X might’ve been assigned to a Typhoon, but in 1954 would’ve been assigned to a Meteor Mk.VIII.

What I can’t seem to locate is how to cross reference to a particular aircraft serial number i.e. what Squadron code did aircraft serial number KH431 have.

Short of striking it lucky with an old photo of a particular plane showing me, my google search skills have failed me.

You can Google the aircraft serial number. Sometimes you can get a complete history of the aircraft, sometimes you won’t get any hits. Some types, such as the Spitfire have more thorough information than others. Not to mention that some aircraft can be transferred among several different squadrons during their service lifespan, thus carrying different corresponding codes.