Links to Oldwarlokes past builds on Armorama

I am discontinuing posting builds, I don’t see so good and time is short.
I am going to try to post the links to all of my past builds here.
#1 12.8cm. Flak 40 Zwilling!ArouE_A-TfGGyV_wtQASK8Cb709C?e=jZc9Rz

#2 1/16th. Trumpeter Jagdtiger!ArouE_A-TfGGgYx0Cq4sLEMDgpChKQ?e=H8cAyT

#3 1/16th MRAP!ArouE_A-TfGG91AMFIN_nLvbwrFT?e=mWU7mN

#4 1/16th. Hobby Boss Tiger I!ArouE_A-TfGGgYJQz2j6WZgtF0n5yQ?e=3xrNFG

#5 1/16th. Trumpeter Panzer IV J!ArouE_A-TfGG8SzHa2--h6eWWC4F?e=RN0Cj8

#6 1/35th. Double Tiger I Builds!ArouE_A-TfGG0gm_3rAkX_hMV1ic?e=dkypSy

#7 1/16th. Trumpeter Panzer IV Ausf. F!ArouE_A-TfGGgakjNxSAt4jVRQbytw?e=Odop0A

#8 1/35th. Russian Tiger!ArouE_A-TfGGgadqTku_f7y5bvP3Ew?e=ZbwFxv

#9 1/35th. Scud on Tracks!ArouE_A-TfGGgZcTAleL6OewxFCI_A?e=NX79ym

#10 1/35th. A34 British Comet!ArouE_A-TfGG-m_RaHyKxeFjAdqv?e=7fdGAQ

#11 1/35th. M9 Ace!ArouE_A-TfGGga8dRpYR0-pqAx_DSw?e=UrpfvS

#12 1/35th British Archer SP Gun!ArouE_A-TfGGpwsM-g5sj95_R4HP?e=5gWfph

#13 1/35th. U.S. Assault Breacher!ArouE_A-TfGGgZMFF7H6z4CBOC1-pw?e=QdHBje

#14 1/35th. U.S. M60A1!ArouE_A-TfGGthUpLTbxdTifZILR?e=3PCGvw


Part 2 The List Continues

#15 1/35th. Skoda Siege Howitzer!ArouE_A-TfGGoB_9lVbd0sgi-qP7?e=TbwGZG

#16 1/35th. Buildind Mengs Terminator!ArouE_A-TfGGj3RnPav_XIkvvziF?e=ai7WMt

#17 1/35th. Building the Warrior from MENG This was my final build.!ArouE_A-TfGGgbQqpxPoS5jpSpWnkg?e=DmsDPP

#18 1/35th. Firefly!ArouE_A-TfGGgbB6EwNI0jSvwwYnVw?e=eHvao9

#191/35th. Bergepanzer 2!ArouE_A-TfGGgaZinWNaAO05tBwOsw?e=IKaTYz

#20 1/35th. Black Panther!ArouE_A-TfGGga4SVuXe8yecr5txRQ?e=Is4Mnf

#21 1/35th. BREM 1!ArouE_A-TfGGga93SQgHp2kO-MmV2g?e=D1OPxN

#22 1/35th. D9R Armored dozer!ArouE_A-TfGGkzaqna3TKJs2aO37?e=gc3d2j
#23 1/35th. U.S. M6 Heavy!ArouE_A-TfGGklcc4cxOwztr8FXj?e=CzOsW9

#24 1/18th Flak 36 Build!ArouE_A-TfGGhX6dcPk3AKZejidy?e=FrJiFg

#25 1/35th. Hobby Boss Flak 40!ArouE_A-TfGGgax247dkdy__G5Zh7A?e=vvsx2B

#26 1/35th. Flakpanzer IV!ArouE_A-TfGGjCisJb1fGZx2Z-Y4?e=LYHNbr

#27 1/16th. Panzer 38!ArouE_A-TfGGhQmNDhfQxjup4sVc?e=liL0AB

#28 1/35th. Jagdpanzer E100!ArouE_A-TfGGga1V9UyG4uDekdv_mQ?e=3Xw72N

#29 1/35th. Jagdpanzer IV L70!ArouE_A-TfGGgYgK8GHdjCAIyOVVyA?e=5aLMbG

#30 1/35th. Japanese Type 10 (Modern)!ArouE_A-TfGGuHklEZl5tC6LLHQK?e=e5PemJ


Donald- Sorry to hear about the eyes not so good. Part of life most of us will experience some day. I consider myself lucky everyday that I can still build. You will be missed here. Your SBS builds were always very informative and fun to watch.

Sorry to that Donald. I have always enjoyed your builds. I was looking for one just last week.

Part 3 The List Continues.
#31 1/35th. Japanese SP Gun (Modern)!ArouE_A-TfGGljywZXJLfQyq3YO5?e=njgxh0

#32 1/35th. Jumbo!ArouE_A-TfGGgYYpAFxMzyPHCZ7JZg?e=e3h8uX

#33 1/35th. Kraz Tank Transporter!ArouE_A-TfGGsgLnhtEsK_0NBGAJ?e=L0QZCr

#34 1/35th Tamiya / Dragon M1A2 Comparison Builds!ArouE_A-TfGGrgSK4TI_9ByvGOjK?e=eR0o9y

#35 1/16th. M5A1!ArouE_A-TfGGgbFAZr2itGXcWb_5gA?e=1QTskz

#36 1/35th. Mengs M4A3 (76) Sherman!ArouE_A-TfGGgagZXbUbj5rQmeQwQQ?e=N0lynl

#37 1/16th. Panzer IV Ausf. H with Zimmerit!ArouE_A-TfGG3AHFfNHcQSody-NW?e=pUbFC1

#38 1/35th. U.S. M19 Tank Transporter by Merit!ArouE_A-TfGGgbJ6XM8ITXCsdQKEpQ?e=96RunP

#39 1/35th. M48H from Takom!ArouE_A-TfGGgZ5KnFKpZGcCi1Sn5A?e=eVKgYF

#40 1/35th. Up detailing dragons M48A3!ArouE_A-TfGGgYBGVyYAbvpBYAMfJQ?e=TCBXfh

#41 1/35th. Building The M109A2 from AFV Club!ArouE_A-TfGGmTvckdMxBPmRNawj?e=ZGbYhz

#42 1/35th. Up detailing the Merkava II from Academy!ArouE_A-TfGGgZVXHb0iQOLfjo6WDQ?e=zDNOe6


I am also sorry to hear about your situation. Your builds have always been inspirational and well presented.


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Part 4 The List Continues.
#43 1/35th. Panzerhaubitze 2000 from MENG!ArouE_A-TfGGlHKGrWj1UjxSWbIX?e=0YzzcO

#44 1/35th. Polish PL01 from Takom!ArouE_A-TfGGga5XTGzLTtyE-zuM-w?e=xFEhoA

#45 1/35th. M4A3E8 Sherman from RFM no Interior!ArouE_A-TfGGgaU1lcVMFskHV6Lqfg?e=SX7eXS

#46 1/16th. Su100 with full interior!ArouE_A-TfGGhSF08SwGWFSegRFx?e=6ZyUSb

#47 1/16th. sFH18 German 155mm Howitzer WW2!ArouE_A-TfGGhFZRbyx06f70HoDd?e=VqfSKH

#48 1/35th. Russian SMERCH!ArouE_A-TfGG-1WpYwx4TSOiwkdi?e=ElMCjU

#49 1/35th. Soviet SS23 Spider from Hobby Boss!ArouE_A-TfGGnAWLGqInoqY3l_yC?e=BKOMBD
#50 1/35th. Stryker with Minigun!ArouE_A-TfGGjRl9watkrkhl68gh?e=kAT4lg

#51 1/35th. Up Guned Jagdpanther!ArouE_A-TfGGgZRZ0rZBNxz7azJ2FA?e=SWxmSc

#52 1/35 Building the T10M from MENG!ArouE_A-TfGGxlH5AjbExjGlAyZh?e=09JMPw


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Part 5 The Final links.
#53 Tauchpanzer IV Ausf.E!ArouE_A-TfGGqCJbd1s_H86YPXtE?e=5kZFok

#54 1/35th. THAAD!ArouE_A-TfGGgaUjGPsZQTjJScAyRQ?e=XXHtox

#55 1/16th Tiger II (This is a very big piece)!ArouE_A-TfGGhjMowNPEbOsgGMYM?e=VHTTMk

#56 1/16th. Panther Ausf. G Early!ArouE_A-TfGGgaAhyZbTVZ8vSR4kGA?e=Nfh8dA

#57 1/16th. U.S.M198 155mm. Towed Howitzer!ArouE_A-TfGGhHhg6XPizgxidbNz?e=f0pCqs

#58 Wheel Loader!ArouE_A-TfGGgaw-m-y_clq3Z5DHdQ?e=xT4089

#59 1/72nd. Yamato #1 Turret!ArouE_A-TfGGgbUDGKmsYqVK0hP5Tg?e=xdc2Hg

Well that is all that I have in the build department, I was going to just fade away but what to do with all that I have built since 2014?
I’ve decided to give all of you access to the links to my builds, you can’t edit them but you may copy them but if posting on line please give me credit for them.
I can’t say how long the links will last but i’ll not delete then.

So I say goodby

It’s been fun
Donna R. Wolozanski


Sorry to hear that, thanks for sharing all your works here, always useful and inspiring

Donald, sorry to hear about your eyesight and thank you very much for going to all the trouble to originally post your build logs and to make them easily available again now. Both the posts and the models were always very well done and helpful when doing my own builds. You will be missed.

Take care of yourself.

Donald, thanks for bothering to do all this; your articles were always instructive, exceedingly helpful and very, very clear.

As Canismalus put it, do look after yourself, and thanks again.

@oldwarloke Donald, I’m very sorry you’re leaving. Thank you for posting the list of builds. That’s an,extensive list of accomplishments and projects! Many newer members like myself will enjoy checking them out for a long time.