Lion Route. 2 Para advances to Arnhem

Here’s one of the bigger projects. 2 Para marching along the lower road to the Arnhem bridge. Crowds cheer on the would be liberators. The house is made from scrap polystyrene (from the base of a pizza actually). The roof was foam card but I added some extra plaster to improve the thatch and then dropped it so it then had to be repaired -Some repairs still need blending in. Ive about 6 civilians on the go, waving and cheering the paras as they march by. Not sure how many paras I have now for this one. Some are direct from bronco, most are from Tamiya’s British Infantry set with smocks added with a A&B putty. Others are real Frankenstein creations that have been made from countless sources. There will be a jeep and trailer on the main road and a hand cart and a para bike also in the mix. I wont use a welbike because I dont like them :slight_smile: TBH Ive not much mojo for this dio at the mo. the broken roof knocked me a bit. Taking the pics made me realize how much Ive done already.