Little Car Base

Evening all! Today was the last day of reading week, and I decided that instead of wallowing in the doom and gloom I’d do something nice and not conflict related.


Well, not really, but it’s for displaying cars. I thought it might be a good way to get practice at making dioramas, so I made a little scene of a road cut into a hillside, maybe somewhere like Arizona or some other such semi-arid place. Fits my 1/24 models pretty well!

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Nice idea. Its good to see a finished car on some tarmac.
I have a generic base I use for some action shots of any completed kits that fit onto it. Just a basic track with static grass, a few rocks, (there was a thin sapling but it snapped lol), and a slightly raised side.


I think sometimes it just adds a nice little extra bit of detailing to a finished kit to give it a nice base to sit on.



I like it, however I have one small technical issue with it. Not saying it cannot happen but typically if the shoulder grade makes driving unrecoverable then a guardrail is added to keep people on the road. The travel lane is usually 8’ wide and shoulder would be about 1’ where the guardrail would sit. Course if you have a photo then all bets are off. A two lane road in Arizona that matches your diorama.


I like that, good point @Tank_1812 ! I figure that considering this will be a sort of generic display, I’m going to add little bits all the time. Definitely some sand, rocks, and for sure a guard rail. Thanks for showing that!


@ Tank_1812. Funny you mentioned that. Years ago, when traveling through France, I noticed many roads had no shoulders, no center lines (hashed outside lines) and white-knuckle driving through the mountains! Always felt like I was in a video game! …,And they told me that driving was even crazier in Italy! :sunglasses:

Hope that wasn’t off-topic.


South bound on Pacific Coast Highway in hellish wind and rain , white knuckles on the wheel and wife in passenger seat squeezing the dashboard to bits .
United Parcel truck went onto two wheels in front of us around a bend to the left and a dead heading logging truck piggybacking the trailer trying to pass me on a double yellow line and …. NO GUARD RAIL . Thankfully uncommon but those roads do exist.
Fun .


And don’t I know it… I live in the CO Rockies and could tell you some nightmare stories. Still, somehow, with the way our lines are painted, I feel better driving here in the US. Lol!

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