Live resin?

I am new here and I was not on the old site so I am unsure what “live resin” is for? Is this used just to review resin products or is it used to show off your resin creations?

Live resin is a company and the thread is used by them to show their new items and get feed back from us the community.

Oh thanks I was a bit confused hah

Hi guys!!

Is Live Resin working normally?’ Have you ordered anything these last months? I’d like to order some stuff, but I’d like to know if everything is ok.


Hi Nacho,

I’ve ordered from Live Resin recently.

I wrote Yaroslav an email and after a short exchange about availability, I set my order and paid via Paypal. Got my goods shipped within couple of days and arriving in my country a week later.

So no problem ordering, just check what your local custom clearance formalities are and be prepared to follow them.



I also ordered from Yaroslav a few weeks ago. I asked by email, then paid by PayPal. It took 10 days to send it to Germany. On top of that, I had to pay 10 € in customs fees. But I got the things I needed, the contact with Yaroslav was very friendly.


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Ok, thanks, guys!!!

I’ll write him an email then.

Hi again!

Do you know if Live resin is working normally? I made a payment 15 days ago and I have received no updates nor payment feedback. I sent the money to a Paypal account that Yaroslav sent me, but no news since then. I write a message yesterday from the website but no answer.


I ordered figures from him a couple of years ago and it took quite some time to receive them. IIRC, ordered in February and received in July.