LK II details, photos need

Gentlemen, I need some help. I have begun working on Mr Modellbau’s LK II. It is nice but it has some mistakes. While working on them I decided to show the interior. Loads of work to make the walls thinner… My problem is the lack of references. There are some photos available of the interior of the Strv 21 from the Swedish Arsenalen, but I need some other details too. Unfortunately the Arsenalen did not reply my questions and asking them to take some photos.
Is there anyone having photos taken of the engine for example? Or lives in the very nearby to go there to the Arsenalen and take some photos for me? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot,

HI Balázs,
It is vacation time in Sweden which might possibly explain the lack of response.
I have the same kit in my stash so I have been thinking about getting some photos for myself.
There are some photos in Pansar, the magazine published by SPHF (Svenska PansarHistoriska Föreningen, the Swedish armour history society).
I will try to dig up something for you when I am back from vacation.