LKW 7t Mil GL | Armorama™

Here we take a look at the LKW 7t Mil GL from Hobby Boss in 1/35th scale.

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I have a bunch of these HB MAN trucks, none of the G/S trucks have tilts, so you will need aftermarket or cross-kit a Revell version to do the tilt.
Other than the LARS & Tipper versions, they are rarely seen without one.
*prove me wrong, lol)

Hi there, what are tilt?

The canvas cover over the cargo bed.

Thank for the info. I have a few Revell, glad I don’t have to go aftermarket.

Just a heads up, the Revell kits are much older, simpler, and intended for a pocket-money simple build market sector.
PS most Revell kits have poor wheels, making aftermarket resin wheels more needed.

The HB kits are a lot newer, more complicate/accurate, look nicer. the only thing i have against them is that their box art includes the tilt/canvas when the kit doesn’t.

I tend to buy them when they are at the right price.