Llight color, archer/valentine

I’m in the finishing stages of my archer build but I have a question about a paint call out. The part in question is this guy

Bronco tells me to paint the half circle part silver, and the put the clear plastic part over top. Tamiya directions say to paint it black. I’m wondering if it’s a normal headlight or a black out light and what the color should be. I’m having a hard time finding pictures of it as all the archers I see have the light missing and the valentine had a different layout

From this photo I suspect the silver call out is right


I’ll take a peek in some books tonight and see what I can find.

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Thanks! I suspect the one on the right is a black out/convoy light and the one one the left is a normal light

So I’ve only got one picture of an Archer from the front. It’s got a standard looking headlamp on the starboard side not that half moon thing. All the Valentine shots have two standard headlamps rather than the blackout.

Do you have a spare lamp assembly you could replace it with? Or just drill it out and fill with Krystal Klear or something to make a light?

This picture seems to have that half moon thingy.


The bronco kit let’s you build an early or a late. Mine is an early, if you build the late it actually tells you to use two blackout lights. The bronco kit does come with a lens for the half moon thing. Based on your photo and the one I link, I suspect it was a normal light not with only half a lense. I think I’ll paint where there lense goes silver and then place the lens overtop of it.

This thing seems to have so many lights! It also has these two guys


Plus a massive search/spot light


Thanks for taking the time to find a picture by the way! Problem with liking obscure vehicles is the difficulty find reference info

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Especially when they were only standard up to the point they rolled off the assembly line.

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The archer seems especially eclectic. None of the photos I have are the same. Each has many differences in the way spare tracks, road wheels, and cables are mounted. Many don’t have the search light or .30 cal, some have one but not the other, etc.

Possibly a better view of the half-moon and other lights? Looks like a version of blackout light but without the shade.

BTW: Here’s the link: ‘This backwards looking tank was actually very effective’


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Fantastic, this helps. Looks like silver behind with the lens on top will work perfect.

Also this photo hilariously points out what me and @Canmedic were talking about. This one has the wire spool mounted where most have the spotlight. Archer crews must have been drunk half the war :joy:

By the way you are right, the two lights are very similar, I think the lamp and black out light used the same housing but different covers. The black out light is solid where the other has the half circle/moon cut out. Here is a good look at both I just found


Well when fighting backwards your world is bound to be upside :grinning:


It looks like the rear aerial mount may also have moved position, on the rear.
The cable reel change onto the side is also interesting, sadly Tamiya don’t have it in the kit but Bronco do.
The .30 cal is useful on the rear too. Unless you easily want to shoot forwards :wink:
Andrew T

The aerial mount on the second one is actually for a command variant. Bronco includes it in PE and if you use it you omit the other aerial mount