Lobster Boat, Britanny

I thought I would share one of my recent 1/76-scale dioramas, which depicts a lobster fishing boat undergoing maintenance at low tide. The setting is the fishing harbour in Douarnenez (Britanny, France).
The boat is based on a very basic card-kit hull and wheelhouse and has been extensively modified/detailed to represent a typical lobster boat. The harbour setting is entirely scratch-built, and the figures converted from various model railway items.



Really well thought out little scene. The hull being painted is a nice touch. There’s a good balance to all of it :+1:

Wow, Paul, that is some absolutely stunning work. Well done, sir!

Love this! Please describe your scratch build work for the dock and etc

Nice work, I use those railway figures as well, I like the imagination in this one

I’m no expert, but shouldn’t tide be a problem in real life ?


The locals know the tide times to within seconds and on calm days they will start painting as soon as the keel touches the bottom … Once the tides fully out from these little coastal harbours/fishing villages, you can easily have a 6 to 8 hour time period which allows for work on boats…have seen it many times in places like Padstow, St Ives, Mevagissey, Hayle etc …

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@ pbennet (Paul). All these elements combine really well in your beautiful presentation. And the unfinished paint job is the icing on the hull!

“Now that’s enough chit-chat, get on with painting before the tide comes in.” :man_artist:

FWIW: The movie ‘Dunkirk’ 2017 has some dramatic scenes illustrating tidal ebb and flood.


Thanks Johnny. I guess I was misled by the time it would take me to do the job… :wink:

:+1: Paul !



Haha… But when we do it, we’ll be priming, painting, panel lining, a wash or filter, then a pin wash… :+1::grin:

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To you all,

I really appreciate your positive and complimentary comments.
I will follow with an explanation on my scratch-built harbour building
technique over the next couple of days.