Lockheed P-38M Lightning Night Fighter | AeroScale

UASF Lockheed P-38M Night Lightning is being prepared by the ground crew ready for tonight's sortie fabulous diorama from modelling friend Christian Blanco Dioramas

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://aeroscale.net/news/lockheed-p-38m-lightning-night-fighter
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What kits are we looking at here? I recognize the figures as Monogram 1/48. Is this the Monogram P-38? What about the service vehicles?

Hi Scott, welcome to Aeroscale, and all of Kitmaker Network.

I was initially wondering about the kit manufacturers, too. After looking at everything I am 100% certain that the P-38, Cletrac, and trailer are Monogram, and 99% certain the fuel and supply truck are Tamiya. Have not built either of those two but Tamiya makes such kits.

The modeler definitely put in a lot of work sanding off all those Lockheed rivets. :slight_smile:

Hi Scott, it is the Academy kit, sorry for the long delay in answering, and to let you know in the future I do give as much detail as I can find it comes up on the header, glad you liked this inspiration