LOG-IN issues

I normally stay logged-in to my account 24/7 on my cell and my work PC however about a month or two ago something happened with the server at work and I was logged-out, for weeks now I’ve been trying to log-in on the PC with no success, the message " User name or password not recognized", so this morning I said “okay I’ll just log-out of the account and reset my password”, that done I went to Kit Maker to log-in and same message, tried it again same results, then I had a V8 moment and went to the Armorama forum and logged-in . . . Bingo!
This is just an FYI to whoever might have the same experience, go to your original forum account and try logging-in from there.
System Admins may have more to offer on this? :thinking: :nerd_face:

Cajun :crocodile:

Sounds a bit like you may have been trying to login on one of the content sites vs. the forums. The forum is the primary (and for most the only) login you need. The content sites (KitMaker, Armorama, AeroScale, etc.) are only needed if you want to submit content to them via the Create button.


Yessir I was on the main (content) page on my office PC that’s when I had the DOH moment, lesson learned hard is a lesson learned well rite?

Cajun :crocodile:

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