Long-term Cromwell build

Hi. Been working on this for almost a year now. As always life gets in the way but over the xmas hols managed to finish it and start painting


Awesome build! The hessian tape and camo net look awesome

:+1:t3: Looks good.


Looks great so far. Tamiya or Bronco ?

Tamiya. Its actually there cromwell. Im not sure how it says comet in the title. Only ever posted on here once before so apologies. But i think the kit is one of there best considering it was released in 97.

Oh ok I see. Yes I should have looked more closely at the model . My mistake. Looks excellent so far!

I changed the title.
Cheers / Robin

Ah thank you. I did post this at stupid oclock last night.


It’s always stupid O’clock somewhere!

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