Longtime Armorama Member Stepping Over

I joined up in 2006 and really enjoyed the Forums and was able to learn a lot from everyone,this place is a great resource with lots of great members.I had participated in a lot of Campaigns which were enjoyable.Looking forward to a similar experience here as we embark on a new journey here.


First poster in the Introductions sub-forum :slight_smile:

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Hey Anthony,
Welcome to the new forums. Still a work in progress (as will be the new content sites) so thanks for your support and continued participation in the community!


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Oh thanks a lot Robin I posted my introduction 4 days ago! :cry:

That’s favouritism Matt lol

Sorry about that, haven’t gotten used to the layout yet.
I saw the heading but didn’t realise it was a post

Just trying to get used to to the new site. I am so used to the old site it will take some time. I joined back in 2011 and have enjoyed it ever since. I may not have completed all the campaigns I signed up for but still enjoy modelling.

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Welcome aboard! :slightly_smiling_face:
Lots of new things to learn so feel free to ask.

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Welcome to the forums

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