Look what arrived in the mail today - F-15 Lakenheath decals

I Finally got my hands on the F-15E Eagle Lakenheath Markings today


I have been thinking about grabbing this sheet just so I can have all the custom painted Eagles.

Btw, just an advice…next time you should blur out your personal address on any package before posting. Just to keep things safe, especially these days. Yes, we all share this info when we buy or sell via pm but not a good idea to post it openly. Other than that…model on!

DOAH. Thanks, I didn’t Think about that. I was so excited about getting them. I will remember that next time. Building a Lakenheath Eagle has been a goal of mine for a really long time. and now I’m finally going to do it. Probably not for a few more months. But now I finally have the decals.

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I’ve learned one thing in our aircraft modeling. Weather you are going to build a kit right away or later but buy the decals you like right away as when they are gone then you pay more on eBay. So, glad you got what you really wanted to have.

Beside, lately there has been some sweet paint jobs on those Eagle and I hope the decal manufacturers continue to keep the printing machine moving :wink:

I agree. I don’t build many Eagles but when I do it’s the 4th FW. I picked this sheet up not long ago direct from Jake’s website.


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I totally agree. But I’m also going to going to go all out in this eagle. I am planning on adding 3D (Quaintas) decals for the interior And since the first time I built one of these way back when, I found out how flimsy the landing gear strut’s are… So Im also planning on adding resin Landing gear. So it’s going to be a serious approach to this project.

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Btw, what kit are you looking to use? As for resin or 3D printed LG…I have no experience in this as I tend to go the metal route because of the end weight. Most of the nets I have modeled require some nose weight. If I am using resin exhaust, intakes, cockpit, then it will get heavy. But then again we are talking 1/48 in your case. So, it might be ok.

Hi Stryker,
I’m planning on using the Quiantas 3D interior, not sure which brand for the resin Landing gear. The Actual model is the Revell 1-48. Strike Eagle. I don’t have the kit # in front of me. I hadn’t thought about the nose weights. But as you pointed out the Resin gear Might resolve that issue for me. If not. I have some small metal pieces that I can use for that.

This is the kit

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I don’t recall adding any weight to my build and didn’t have any issues.

It’s been a really long time ago. Since I built the first one. So I don’t remember if I had to add weight to the front either. And it will determine as to if I will or not for this one.

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NEXT The Decals for my T-38C arrived in the mail today

Gotta Love the layout pictures included with the decals.


Also making some progress on the Hobby Boss 1/48 Mirage IIIC

Which I started today. still working on the T-38C.


I would love to build some Lakenheath ones, currently work there and would be nice to do one to help remember my time in years to come.
Will see if I can get a set of these in UK.
Good luck with your build.