Look what I found Today - Hawker Hunter FGA 9

Thanks. It took abit to get it done. I lost the bottom pull handle ( GEE it’s Always those DANGED Small pieces LOL ) So I ended up scratch building one from a piece of copper wire. That was fun. Yeah I’ve tried P.E. parts in the past and they can definitely be maddening. But if abd when you manage to get them in place they do look pretty sharp.

Hopefully this might give you some pointers:

It’s mainly about my GA.Mk.11 conversion, but there’s some hints on the base kit as well.

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WOW. What a work of art. I was very impressed with the overall look. I’ve always liked the FGA-9; version. Just the way it looks. It’s history etc. I had built one Year’s ago. But never got to finish it. ( That’s a whole different story). So Now I have an opportunity to make things right and Finish this one. Hoping it goes together as well as my first one. Thanks for sharing your Bird. You did an Amazing job with it. I agree with everyone else. The Undercarriage weathering is absolutely beautiful.