Look what I found Today - Hawker Hunter FGA 9

I took a little trip to San Antonio today, AND I Found THIS…


I Might also add a few accessories that I picked up during my visit to a couple of Hobby shops in San Antonio Yesterday

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That Hunter is an excellent kit. All it needs is some improvement to the seat, or better yet a replacement seat. Nice score!

Thanks, I was thinking about doing some scratch building, wires etc to beef it up. Any suggestions? If I replace it, what should I look for? Resin kit that much I know. But what type? It’s a Martin Baker isn’t it ?

Another thing about this. Is I had built one Year’s ago. And just before I was set to finish it. My Wife & I moved…But I accidentally left it behind. I couldn’t believe I did that. So it was really nice getting another one. And I paid Under $40.00s for it.

A good find. Revell’s big scale Hunter really is a lovely kit. I made a start on one a few years ago, but it got packed up in a house move. Another one I really do need to dig out and finish (don’t we all have those projects :grin:)

Anyway, the seat is a Martin Baker Mk.3H. Hopefully that will help you track down an aftermarket replacement or improve the seat with scratch built items.

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I found one thru Sprue Brothers for a decent price. And ordered it yesterday. I haven’t started it yet. So hopefully it should get here in a few days.

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Did yours have all the options and decals for the Swiss version?

Hope you plan on doing a build log. Would be great to see it all come together.

Nope. Mine straight R.A.F. But I Can get Swiss markings. Oh Yeah I Always take pictures as I build. I will definitely Share them with you.


Ah that’s a bugger. Wonder if it was something only the European release had? Mine has some optional bits for the fuselage and AGM-65’s and launch rails. The 1/72 has the same options.

The Ejection seat arrived Yesterday can’t wait to get it done. Though I’m also waiting for some paint that I also need for it ( flat aluminum/ Tamiya) that should arrive by Tuesday or Wednesday.


That is exactly the resin seat I used in my 1/32 build. It is a rather nice kit. I also built the Echelon 1/32 kit which was a multi-media kit and was the only game in town before the Revell kit. They also did a 1/32 Lightning.

The Revell kit build nicely and the decals are rather nice too…maybe Quints will do a cockpit decal set fro it!?


So I Finally had time to sit down and start in on the FGA-9 Painted the cockpit interior, I’m not sure if I’m going to use the Resin Ejection seat. I’m not certain how to make it fit. I know to cut it from the base. But does it just sit in the tub afterwards. Anyway here’s a picture of what I’m done so far

Better picture


Another quick update ( picture)


I put the two cockpit halves together last night. But had to struggle with it a little, getting them to align properly, the ejection seat gave me some issues as well. But I finally got it into place. So at Least that’s done.


Going together well. To be honest, looking at the kit seat and its detailing, and what you can actually see once its fitted, I would of stayed with that anyway and not bothered with a resin seat for it. Looking forward to the next update :+1:


And welcome Steve … Any images of your build ?

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Thanks. It’s getting there. The seat was abit of a pain. ( When am I ever going to learn. Build First, Then Paint ?) If I had done that. It wouldn’t have been such a pain. :woozy_face:


Seat looks good. I remember I bought Eduard’s etch cockpit set for mine. The seatbelt straps came as tiny individual buckles you had to attach etch straps to. Lots of parts! I gave up with it as I could not get it to settle down and look natural, just looked rigid and stiff. Eventually used painted paper with the etch buckles stuck on top.

They use a similar system for the etch straps for the 1/32 Lynx and Hawk. As much as I like Eduard’s kits, their PE is maddening!